Southseas rum

South Seas Rum: This dark rum was introduced in 2005. It is sweet, it is good and it is popular. Especially with the ladies. 40% alc.

South Seas Rum + Coke + ice: a perfect mix.

Marlin rum

Marlin Rum: The best rum of the fleet. Top shelf black label South Seas dark rum.

Refuge rum

Port of Refuge: Since 2006. A strong and mellow dark rum fit for the sailors. 40% alc.

Koza rum

Koza Rum: The first Jamaican rum produced in Tonga, in the early days back in 1997. Bitter dark rum.

Whalers wiskey

Whaler's Whisky: Old Canadian Rye Whisky recipe from last century. Introduced in 2006.

Bronsky vodka

Bronsky Vodka: Pure old school vodka. No flavours, No additives, No chemicals, NO headaches. Just pure and simple.

Coconut vodka

Bronsky Coconut Vodka: Since 2006. Bronsky Vodka as the base flavoured with Coconut. 40% alc.

Kozak vodka

Kozak Vodka: Since 1997. Bronsky vodka as base with a touch of Tongan Vanilla.


RTD PUNCH Introduced in 2010. Good for parties and functions. Sold retail and wholesale in 1½ liter, 5 liter, 10 liter 15 liter and 20 liters bottles. Affordable, fresh and Ice cold straight from the freezer. Mixed and ready to drink. Punch is made of Bronsky vodka as the base and flavoured with 5 different fruit flavours to choose from. Lime, Pineapple, Apple, Lemon and Mango/Orange. Strength: 10% alc/vol.